Lydia’s top 5 social media talents

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Inspired by Mashable’s 5 Captivating Personalities From Across the Social Web [Mashable Awards], I created my own list of awards for people who have inspired, entertained, and educated me.

Powerhouse Award
Listen to this voice, and tell me this is not AMAZING? This 20 year-old girl, Badar, is packed with talents. Her voice is not just good, but also brings you to an emotional level. I hope her success goes beyond Youtube.

Surprisingly Good Award
Another Youtuber I really enjoy watching is Lydia Paek (not because we share the same first name, haha!), she has a very soft speaking voice, but her voice is the completely opposite! I like how she’s not all dramatic when she sings, ha. Check out her cover for Unthinkable by Alicia Keys. Oh, did I mention she is a great dancer, too?

Role Model Award
Chelsea Handler- need I say more? Besides the fact that she is hilarious (which is super sexy!), I love how she is beautiful, independent, and true to herself.

Awesomely Random Award
I miss Phoebe! Lisa Kudrow is not very active in the social media world, but I appreciate her webisodes Web Therapy , I love her sense of dry humor. We need more talented female actress like her.

Krazy Award
I find funny people sexy.

Remy raps, most of them are so stupid and hilarious, but at the same time it makes me think he’s pretty brilliant to write those words and beats like that.


Protected: Vuvox

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Photography- Android

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I stumbled upon this news on Mashable, and was amazed by how beautiful those pictures were. You go Android!

Here are some of my favorites:



Android Vignette app
French field
Taken by HTC EVO 4G

Also, if you’re interested in photography apps for Android, you can visit Pocket-Lint.


Web Scavenger Hunt pt. 1

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I’ve finally found another website that tickles my fancy besides The Cool Hunter! I came across Creative Closeup when I searched for Star War kitchen products today. I especially LOVE the “geeks” collection. « Read the rest of this entry »

Interview- Jenny loves Peet’s

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I’m working on a project for my Ad Research class, the project is to understand consumer insights of Peet’s Coffee & Tea- why people love it and what Peet’s represents in their eyes, and how Peet’s can enhance its competitive advantage to compete in this fierce java competition.

The following interview took place at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Fillmore St. Her name is Jenny Nithisettakul; she’s a grad student at Academy of Art University studying Advertising.

LF: Hi Jenny, can you tell me a little bit about your coffee drinking habit and the reason you visit Peet’s.

JN: I drink coffee at least once a day, usually in the afternoon, and always from Peet’s. I love it because the boldness of their coffee and it’s delicious. I used to only drink Starbucks, but once I tried Peet’s, I fell in love with it and never went back to Starbucks.

LF: When you go to coffee shops, what’s the most important thing for you?

JN: Taste.

LF: Do you consider yourself pretty knowledgeable about coffee?

JN: Not really, but I can tell what tastes good and what tastes bad.

LF: Take a sip of your latte, and describe it to me.

JN: Refreshing, bold, goo; I like the way they make the foam, and the coffee taste smoother because of the way they make it.

LF: So you pay attention on the details and the craft of the making?

JN: Yes

LF: Ahh, that’s interesting

LF: Use 3 colors to describe Peet’s

JN: Brown/navy blue/ black

LF: Please elaborate on the choice of color

JN: Because the store color, taste of the coffee is bold, which brown represents boldness?

LF: What 3 colors do you associate with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

JN: Brown, purple, white

LF: Please tell me more about these colors

JN: I have to say it’s the logo again, it looks clean, that’s why I choose white,

LF: Do you know what the company’s (Peet’s) mission is?

JN: No

LF: Do you know anything about Peet’s beyond their coffee?

JN: Not really

LF: How would you describe yourself?

JN: I’m easy going, like to have fun, and optimistic

LF: What are the 3 places you shop at the most (anything)

JN: H&M, Safeway & Peet’s.

LF: According to your own observation, can you describe Peet’s crowd?

JN: It’s more adults than Starbucks, which is more teenage, and the crowd seems more random; Peet’s crowd seems more educated and middle age, they look professional.

LF: If your mom come to visit for the first time and she’s never been to Peet’s but you plan on taking her, how would you explain Peet’s to her

JN: I will tell her that they’ve got great coffee, because my mom drinks coffee, too. She likes coffee that smell really good, so I’ll tell her Peet’s smells good.

LF: What’s the first thing you notice when you walk in to Peet’s?

JN: Aroma.

LF: 3 words to describe Peet’s

JN: Warm (welcoming), relaxing (because it feels calm here) and bold

LF: 3 words to describe Starbucks

JN: Fun, lively, and playful.

LF: If you were taking any celebrity to Peet’s, who would that, be?

JN: This is very hard; I’m not sure, but maybe Brad Pitt?

LF: What drink would you recommend him?

JL:  Latte.

LF: Would you take Brad to Starbucks? And why?

JL: No, because Starbucks is more common, and for Brad Pitt I have to make it more special, I will take some teenage celebrity there, but I’m not sure whom yet.

LF: If Peet’s CEO comes to you and asks for your feedback, it can be anything, what would it be?

JN: I’d tell him that the coffee is already very good, the service is nice, Peet’s already resonates with me (since I come here everyday), but I’d suggest making this place even more welcoming because it’s a little bit dark and busy here, and not very organized.

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The Lemon Dance…

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“The Lemon Dance” in the film refers to the never-ending transfer of “bad” teachers (lemons) from one school to another, which highlights the core problem of the broken public education system in the U.S.
Waiting for Superman is a documentary that simplifies one of the most talked about yet complicated topics in the U.S. – public education system. It all starts with the broken system, that has a butterfly effect on high dropout rates, poor learning performance, indifferent educators, and overcrowded inner city schools. The film tells a story through the journeys of five families; most of them struggle day to day to make ends meet but are determined to provide the best education possible for their children to pull them out of the gutter.
Waiting for Superman is insightful and friendly; the sincerity and the realistic nature of the film inspire the viewers to wanting to care and do more, and in some case, shred a few tears. The interviews with the children are especially compelling; their voices are so hopeful and honest, but little do they know their future depend on the lottery and computer generated random selection admission.
The film makes this serious topic more engaging by using easy-to-understand animations and charts to present complicated statistics, which not only paint a clearer picture, but also keep the authenticity and make it more powerful.
Although I have great respect for Geoffery Canada, I’d like to hear from other reforming warriors and unsung heroes who are in the front line fighting for our children. Also, I’m interested in hearing from the teachers who are stuck in this blame game and see what they have to say and where they stand. Finally, I’d like to see how we can help and get more involved, besides just donating money by texting. How would you like to help?