Lydia’s top 5 social media talents

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Inspired by Mashable’s 5 Captivating Personalities From Across the Social Web [Mashable Awards], I created my own list of awards for people who have inspired, entertained, and educated me.

Powerhouse Award
Listen to this voice, and tell me this is not AMAZING? This 20 year-old girl, Badar, is packed with talents. Her voice is not just good, but also brings you to an emotional level. I hope her success goes beyond Youtube.

Surprisingly Good Award
Another Youtuber I really enjoy watching is Lydia Paek (not because we share the same first name, haha!), she has a very soft speaking voice, but her voice is the completely opposite! I like how she’s not all dramatic when she sings, ha. Check out her cover for Unthinkable by Alicia Keys. Oh, did I mention she is a great dancer, too?

Role Model Award
Chelsea Handler- need I say more? Besides the fact that she is hilarious (which is super sexy!), I love how she is beautiful, independent, and true to herself.

Awesomely Random Award
I miss Phoebe! Lisa Kudrow is not very active in the social media world, but I appreciate her webisodes Web Therapy , I love her sense of dry humor. We need more talented female actress like her.

Krazy Award
I find funny people sexy.

Remy raps, most of them are so stupid and hilarious, but at the same time it makes me think he’s pretty brilliant to write those words and beats like that.


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