Interview- Jenny loves Peet’s

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m working on a project for my Ad Research class, the project is to understand consumer insights of Peet’s Coffee & Tea- why people love it and what Peet’s represents in their eyes, and how Peet’s can enhance its competitive advantage to compete in this fierce java competition.

The following interview took place at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Fillmore St. Her name is Jenny Nithisettakul; she’s a grad student at Academy of Art University studying Advertising.

LF: Hi Jenny, can you tell me a little bit about your coffee drinking habit and the reason you visit Peet’s.

JN: I drink coffee at least once a day, usually in the afternoon, and always from Peet’s. I love it because the boldness of their coffee and it’s delicious. I used to only drink Starbucks, but once I tried Peet’s, I fell in love with it and never went back to Starbucks.

LF: When you go to coffee shops, what’s the most important thing for you?

JN: Taste.

LF: Do you consider yourself pretty knowledgeable about coffee?

JN: Not really, but I can tell what tastes good and what tastes bad.

LF: Take a sip of your latte, and describe it to me.

JN: Refreshing, bold, goo; I like the way they make the foam, and the coffee taste smoother because of the way they make it.

LF: So you pay attention on the details and the craft of the making?

JN: Yes

LF: Ahh, that’s interesting

LF: Use 3 colors to describe Peet’s

JN: Brown/navy blue/ black

LF: Please elaborate on the choice of color

JN: Because the store color, taste of the coffee is bold, which brown represents boldness?

LF: What 3 colors do you associate with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

JN: Brown, purple, white

LF: Please tell me more about these colors

JN: I have to say it’s the logo again, it looks clean, that’s why I choose white,

LF: Do you know what the company’s (Peet’s) mission is?

JN: No

LF: Do you know anything about Peet’s beyond their coffee?

JN: Not really

LF: How would you describe yourself?

JN: I’m easy going, like to have fun, and optimistic

LF: What are the 3 places you shop at the most (anything)

JN: H&M, Safeway & Peet’s.

LF: According to your own observation, can you describe Peet’s crowd?

JN: It’s more adults than Starbucks, which is more teenage, and the crowd seems more random; Peet’s crowd seems more educated and middle age, they look professional.

LF: If your mom come to visit for the first time and she’s never been to Peet’s but you plan on taking her, how would you explain Peet’s to her

JN: I will tell her that they’ve got great coffee, because my mom drinks coffee, too. She likes coffee that smell really good, so I’ll tell her Peet’s smells good.

LF: What’s the first thing you notice when you walk in to Peet’s?

JN: Aroma.

LF: 3 words to describe Peet’s

JN: Warm (welcoming), relaxing (because it feels calm here) and bold

LF: 3 words to describe Starbucks

JN: Fun, lively, and playful.

LF: If you were taking any celebrity to Peet’s, who would that, be?

JN: This is very hard; I’m not sure, but maybe Brad Pitt?

LF: What drink would you recommend him?

JL:  Latte.

LF: Would you take Brad to Starbucks? And why?

JL: No, because Starbucks is more common, and for Brad Pitt I have to make it more special, I will take some teenage celebrity there, but I’m not sure whom yet.

LF: If Peet’s CEO comes to you and asks for your feedback, it can be anything, what would it be?

JN: I’d tell him that the coffee is already very good, the service is nice, Peet’s already resonates with me (since I come here everyday), but I’d suggest making this place even more welcoming because it’s a little bit dark and busy here, and not very organized.


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