Surfing Llama

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This photo is from the June 2010 issue of Maxim, read it @ the New Chicago Barber Shop 3 while waiting for my man.

How often do you see a llama surfing with a hot Peruvian?

Eager to find out the story behind this picture? Read on!


Azzaro Spring 2011 RTW- a normie’s review

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Being a fashion industry outsider gives me the freedom to review the latest Spring 2011 RTW collections the way I wanted without worrying about the “rules”; I can’t pronounce the fancy foreign names properly, nor can I look you in the eye and tell you a lot of designs make sense to me, but at least I can provide my humble and sincere thoughts on Azzaro’s Spring 2011 RTW collection.

Fashion is, by all means, very subjective; I don’t know what is the industry standard for a “good” show or collection, sometimes the RTW collection doesn’t seem too RTW to me, so hopefully I don’t say something stupid to make myself look like an ass.

Not knowing much about Azzaro, my first impression on this new collection was: elegant, feminine, contemporary, practical, sophisticated, young, sexy, fun, and down to earth. I like the collection for all the reasons mentioned above, and because this is something that I’d wear personally.

When I looked into the history of Azzaro, I learned that both the founder and the current art director Vanessa Seward both have rich multicultural backgrounds. Vanessa Seward especially represents sensitivity and inspiration, as well as expresses glamour and understated sophistication through her creativity, which forms the “ultra-luxury” that the brand stands for.

This collection stands true to the essence of the brand, and definitely shows off the sophistication and sexy playfulness, I like how it’s not flashy and “low-key luxury”. However, I’d like to see the design reflect the idea of “multicultural” and take a little bit more risk; the collection is definitely glamorous, but also too safe.

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