The Lemon Dance…

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

“The Lemon Dance” in the film refers to the never-ending transfer of “bad” teachers (lemons) from one school to another, which highlights the core problem of the broken public education system in the U.S.
Waiting for Superman is a documentary that simplifies one of the most talked about yet complicated topics in the U.S. – public education system. It all starts with the broken system, that has a butterfly effect on high dropout rates, poor learning performance, indifferent educators, and overcrowded inner city schools. The film tells a story through the journeys of five families; most of them struggle day to day to make ends meet but are determined to provide the best education possible for their children to pull them out of the gutter.
Waiting for Superman is insightful and friendly; the sincerity and the realistic nature of the film inspire the viewers to wanting to care and do more, and in some case, shred a few tears. The interviews with the children are especially compelling; their voices are so hopeful and honest, but little do they know their future depend on the lottery and computer generated random selection admission.
The film makes this serious topic more engaging by using easy-to-understand animations and charts to present complicated statistics, which not only paint a clearer picture, but also keep the authenticity and make it more powerful.
Although I have great respect for Geoffery Canada, I’d like to hear from other reforming warriors and unsung heroes who are in the front line fighting for our children. Also, I’m interested in hearing from the teachers who are stuck in this blame game and see what they have to say and where they stand. Finally, I’d like to see how we can help and get more involved, besides just donating money by texting. How would you like to help?


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